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Stainless steel kitchen utensils: Slotted cabinets: best for narrow spaces

2020/4/15 9:00:18
The straight-line structure is simple, clear, and saves space. Just place the cooking, cooking, and cleaning areas from left to right or right to left in accordance with your own habits. Choosing a one-line cabinet also means that the kitchen area is limited, and the width of the kitchen is even narrower. Advantages: best for narrow spaces. There are no obstacles to move around during operation, each cabinet can be fully utilized, and all equipment is clear at a glance. Disadvantages: The operating table is generally not surplus, the cabinet is generally not too much, and families with a little more kitchen supplies may feel that it is not enough. ? L-shaped cabinet "L" type is also called semi-enclosed layout, which is the most used type at present, don't look at just one more corner, using the turning point on this cabinet can add a lot of fun to the kitchen life New features. If the kitchen at home is not big, and you are tired of simple one-line cabinets, you can choose L-shaped cabinets. For an average kitchen of 4 to 6 square meters, "L" shaped cabinets are the best choice. Advantages: It is possible to use the operating space in the middle zone as much as possible, and form a triangular area in the process of washing, cutting and frying, which is the most reasonable kind of kitchen operation principle. Disadvantages: the corner part of the wall cabinet and the floor cabinet is easy to form a blind area for vision and use, and the applicable corner pull baskets are mostly imported products and the price is higher. U-shaped cabinet This is a common cabinet model in foreign countries, it is a relatively mature choice. In terms of design, the washing area, cooking area, operation area, and storage area can be clearly divided. After all, the space is relatively wide. U-shaped "cabinets surrounding three walls can be said to be an extension of" L-shaped kitchen ", U-shaped" cabinets surrounding three walls, the general approach is to add an additional counter on the other long side, or a tall cabinet on the entire wall This design is the most comfortable to use. A variety of household appliances can be designed into it, and even a double basin design can be designed. The overall effect is also in place and can fill the entire space. The basic functions of the "U-shaped" kitchen are easy to use, and the operation process is reasonable, which can accommodate multiple people. The cabinets of this design are fully equipped to make full use of the space and expand the operation area. The required space is larger than the "one-line" kitchen. The range of motion is not large, so it saves time and effort. Applicable people: users whose kitchen area is more than 5 square meters. Advantages: refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and even washing machines can be placed in cabinets in an embedded manner, making the kitchen more integrated. Disadvantages: The shortcomings are similar to the "L" shape. It is difficult to handle two corners. You need to consider whether to join the corner pull basket. Island type: the most fashionable kitchen life with island type cabinets is the most fashionable design at present. With the increasing space of the kitchen, the traditional single-line cabinets can no longer meet the quality of modern people to the overall kitchen. pursue. There are two types of islands. One is the island connected to the whole cabinet. It can be used as an operation table or a minimalist design. Instead of making a cabinet under the island, put a few bar chairs and provide The platform that allows the host to communicate with friends while operating; the other is an independent island, which is more used in large kitchens, and can be used to operate independent water basins and electric ceramic stoves on the island. Counter or bar. Advantages: The kitchen is no longer a traditional kitchen, but more like a place for communication and relaxation, so that the cook is no longer lonely, which can reduce the boring work. Disadvantages: Larger space is required. If the kitchen is not large enough, it needs to be connected with the living room. The overall investment is relatively high.