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List of kitchen equipment needed to open a restaurant

2020/4/15 8:59:33

What kind of kitchen equipment is needed to open a restaurant, and what kind of restaurant kitchen equipment needs to be purchased? Let's make a purchase list with you.

If you want to make a purchase list, you must first know what your restaurant's positioning is? Is it Chinese food or Western food, what kind of cuisine is there, what are the main foods, whether there is a cold dish room and a roasted meat room, how many people should be served, how is the restaurant grade ? When these are completely settled, we can make a list.

What kind of equipment do you need, what kind of equipment do you want, even if the designer has already given a preliminary plan, you still need to make a list yourself to be aware of it. At that time, you can communicate with the designer to see what equipment is more suitable.

In the hotel's kitchen function rooms, hot kitchen rooms, pastry rooms, meal preparation rooms, cold dishes rooms, decontamination rooms are all necessary, as well as roasted meat rooms and warehouses.

1. The hot kitchen is used for cooking: blast stoves are used for cooking, steaming cabinets are used for steaming dishes, low soup stoves and clay pot stoves are used for soup, heat preservation equipment needs to be heated by plate cars, refrigerators, and smoke exhaust equipment. A series of equipment such as oil screen fume hoods, oil fume purifiers, fire dampers, etc., in addition to the operating table and sinks, vegetable racks, it may be necessary to prepare a scrubbing faucet specifically for cleaning the ground.

2. Pasta is mainly used to make pasta. Steamed rice, steamed buns and steamed buns should be steamed. Stir-fried fillings should be fried in a small oven. Pancakes should be baked in an oven or electric pan. Because it will produce more fume vapor, it needs to be equipped with a series of equipment for fume hood. There are also pasta machinery, and the noodle machine, noodle machine, mixer, proofing box need to be matched with which one. Others are wooden noodles, vegetable racks, refrigerators, seasoning cabinets, sinks, etc.

3. It is necessary to prepare a water heater and a tea cabinet in the preparation room. It is indispensable. It is best to equip it with a sink to clean the tableware in time.

4. The cold dishes room needs a workbench, a food rack, a refrigerator, and a sink.

5. The decontamination room can be equipped with a complete set of dishwasher equipment or a cup washer. Look at the amount of tableware. If it's not too big, just have a Samsung sink. There must be a lot of disinfection cabinets, as well as dish cabinets, food waste tables, and washing faucets.

6. The roasting room is used to make barbecue foods. If the amount of food is small, use the roast duck stove. If there are many barbecue foods, you need to use the pig roaster, the stew stove is used, the malt sugar box is used for coloring, and the hanging duck rack is Used for drying barbecue foods, there are pools, etc.

7. The warehouse can be set up with cold storage, or you can enlarge the refrigerator, and add a few shelves.

This is the seven standing function rooms in the hotel kitchen. The equipment configuration is completely made according to the usage requirements, so that waste can be avoided, but it is best to consider it carefully and consult the designer to avoid the lack of equipment and affect the normal business in the future.